About application

Fill out the form to apply for a course at Textilskolen, Textile and Fashion Academy. When we have received your application, we will send you an e-mail confirming your admission to the course or an offer to be signed up for a waiting list in case the course is fully booked.

When admitted to the academy, DKK 1.000,- must be paid in admission fee. The fee is nonrefundable. Acceptance on waiting list is free.

Application for courses is binding for a semester.

Deregistering is possible up to 6 weeks before start of course without any binding. Afterwards, application is binding and payment for the entire semester will be charged.

Please note that all courses are in Danish.


Prices, school year 2024/2025

The Academy
DKK 980,- per week +
DKK 1.000,- in admission fee

Tuition fees are split into rates paid every first of the month.

Payment covers education and food. Besides this, there will be expenses for materials. Material costs differs from student to student, but costs will usually be somewhere between DKK 2.000,- and DKK 5.000,- per semester.