About Textilskolen, Textile and Fashion Academy

Competences and engagement

Curiosity, passion, and experiments are at the heart of Textilskolen, Textile and Fashion Academy. We are a design academy with a solid educational foundation where theory and practice are intwined.

Our educational position is textile – in relation to all kinds of areas and product categories. Some students are into fashion and clothing design and devote themselves to this intensely during their education. Others are interested in material design, spacial design, space, architecture, scenography, or costumes. Still others work with accessory design, furniture, or industrial design. Common to all is our focus on the design process, and that our professionalism derives from the field of textile and from textile competences and craftmanship.

We work on a high level with all aspects of design as a profession, from experiment to idea development, craftmanship and communication.

All teachers at Textilskolen, Textile and Fashion Academy, are professional designers from various design-educational fields of expertise in clothing, textile, furniture, space, graphic design, and illustration, among other things.

Meet Jan, Emma, Tobias, Nora and Frida from Textilskolen, Textile and Fashion Academy, in the film below:

Steppingstone to a future in design

For some, Textilskolen, Textile and Fashion Academy, is a steppingstone towards a higher design education, school of architecture or art school. Some are here to complement the education they already have, and others are here out of pure curiosity and interest.

All will carry a thorough understanding as well as competences within process, method, craftmanship, and sustainability with them when they graduate.

Laboratories and design scenarios

The teaching at Textilskolen, Textile and Fashion Academy, consists of different elements that we call LAB and Scenario.

LAB are design-educational laboratories where we explore and engage in a certain educational subject.

Scenarios are design projects where knowledge and tools from the laboratories are brought into play in a specific context. A design scenario.

Vocational Arts and Crafts School

Textilskolen, Textile and Fashion Academy, is a Vocational Arts and Crafts School under the Danish Ministry of Children and Education. We are a day school with courses that span between 5 and 11 months on the Academy section or a whole year on Design10.

The price is DKK 890,- a week for attending the academy. The payment covers teaching and food.

The students at the Academy section are usually between 18 and 28 years old. On Design10., students are between 16 and 18 years old as we combine a 10th degree exam with high-level design education.

The academy has a capacity of 45 positions on the Academy section and 25 on Design10. No prior competences are required to attend Textilskolen, Textile and Fashion Academy. All we require is curiousness and enthusiasm.

In the middle of nature – close to the city

Textilskolen, Textile and Fashion Academy, is located on a large natural space near forest and lake in Holte. We are in the middle of nature and yet close to the city – only a 20-minute S-train ride from Copenhagen.


Every year we publish a magazine, which gathers the scenarios and laboratories that characterized the past year at Textilskolen, Textile and Fashion Academy. The magazine offers an insight into teaching and everyday life on the academy.

Read the latest issue of our magazine here.